We can help you make the right decision for your business through our unique on-farm project planning consultation.

It involves a planning discussion with us about your set-up and what it is you want to achieve. We come to your property and walk over it with you to discuss ideas and innovative agricultural solutions, including alternatives to chemical inputs. Whether you are setting up or rejigging what you already have. We then do all the leg-work for you, bringing in experts when needed, before presenting you with a customised report showing up to 3 options, the best of which are calculated on a cost/benefit criteria.

Growing up in western QLD, Tim Scott has tertiary qualifications in Science and Rural Management and has a passion for regional business development. As well as working on his own properties, Tim has worked internationally in livestock & equine industries and has been the driving force behind several fast growing agribusinesses over the past two decades.

Our aim is to help you make the most of your resources to achieve a sustainable, efficient, enjoyable and profitable farm business. You can get on with running your business, knowing that we are working to find the best solution for you and your budget. We want to help you conserve resources, improve soil quality and be economically profitable. We are passionate about enhancing the livelihood for farmers and our communities as a whole.

There is a consultation fee but if you go on to purchase the required infrastructure items from us, there will be a discount in the overall price. Contact us to arrange a one-one appointment and find out more information.